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Create a trusted source of G&G well data


Gain greater confidence in your well data.

Well data is obtained from various sources, created in multiple internal systems and enhanced within G&G applications. Energy companies often struggle with well data that becomes inconsistent across data stores and typically enhanced data isn't shared outside of specific project databases.

Whether it is to be consumed in G&G applications, fed into analytical dashboards or leveraged in machine learning programs, positive results are dependent on the availability and quality of the data. With the exponential increase in data volumes, it's important to have a central data respository capable of storing a source of truth for well header, well logs and other subsurface data types.

petroWEB's ENTERPRISE DB provides the ability to establish a master well repository that blends data from multiple sources, implements standards and data quality, and enables quick and easy access to the data for delivery to internal applications. Users now have a single place to search for the highest quality well data available.

Solution Features

Built using the industry standard PPDM Data Model, petroWEB Enterprise DB provides a comprehensive, open well data management solution.

petroWEB Enterprise DB creates an authorative source of truth for well, log and subsurface data and provides end-to-end data management workflows from data loading to data delivery.

Data Import

Connects to internal data stores and vendor data. Provides autoloaders (e.g. drag & drop or scheduled updates), interactive and command-line loaders to support custom workflows.

Data Quality

Configurable data blending (well versioning) across well data sources. Rules-based data validation and reference value management to ensure the quality of the data.

Enhanced Search

Several integrated search tools including keyword ("google-like") faceted search, advanced query builder, custom-defined asset tree and map based/location searches.

Reports & Visualization

Advanced Datagrids for filtering, grouping, reorganizing, color coding and exporting results. Includes a well log viewer, production charts and well and log reports.

Map Integration

Integrate the data repository with enhanced map tools. Well symbology includes data availability flags to quickly identify data gaps or wells of interest.

Data Delivery

Download all or filtered data types. Initiate an export directly from the map, query or search. Modify output such as datum, log properties and other attributes.

Enterprise DB has helped provide better controls, certainty and access to subsurface data that was previously disorganized, duplicated, and often unavailable to most users.

- Geoscience Manager - US Independent Oil & Cas Company

eDB features

Key Benefits

Increase confidence in the data

Integration with systems and applied data quality controls provide access to comprehensive data sets in a single authorative data source.

View results in context to the map

Begin searches or compare well results in context with other entities (e.g. seismic, leases, pipelines, etc.)

Find data faster

No longer scour file sytems and project data stores for relevant, related well subsurface data. Spend more time interpreting and analyzing the data.

Analyze data for purpose

Viewers, reports and advanced data grids help confirm the searched data is correct and complete for use in other applications.

Simplify workflows

Automated processes, a single search application and configurable export options make data management tasks easier.


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Hybrid Well MDM Solution

Find out how petroWEB EnterpriseDB and Navigator can manage and integrate Well Data across all departments.