“Every oil and gas company is looking for that competitive edge. The things that differentiate one company from another are the people and what they know. Integrating people and data equates to knowledge. And knowledge is the single biggest competitive advantage.”

By automating the discovery of information through better subsurface data access and management along with providing targeted workflows, companies can lower costs, minimize risk and deliver more successful results.

petroWEB’s data discovery and well / log data management offerings enable users to efficiently and reliably aggregate, view and work with trusted data. Extensive search tools, targeted workflows, advanced visualization and data quality processes ensure organizations always have the best possible data providing that competitive edge.

EDB & Navigator v15.2 Released

The 15.2 version release of EDB and Navigator represents a significant set of new capabilities enabling users to more efficiently search, discover, view and access data for targeted workflows.

    • Identify Tool now allows users to simply click on the map to display map feature/layers
    • Advanced Datagrid functionality merges Map Services data with DB output into a singular view
    • Search now includes Geofaceting for map-based visualization of keyword searches
    • New Download Logs extension provides fast, easy access to specific log files
    • EDB Export now zips files for faster delivery
    • Well Versioning based on preferred datum