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What's new at petroWEB

petroWEB is a software company focused on delivering
data integration and management solutions to the Oil and Gas that result in
better data access, better decisions, and reduced operational costs and risk.

Enterprise DB

A single authoritative solution for effective management of large volumes of subsurface data by managing and delivering trustworthy data throughout the enterprise.


A powerful data discovery product that provides data access, integration and visualization to enormous amounts of corporate and external data sources.

Global Seismic Library

A global catalog of multi-client
2D & 3D seismic and gravity/magnetic data coverage from over 30 sources.

Global Log Library

A global catalog of well log data coverage sourced by the largest data providers in the industry.

about petroweb

Our mission is to provide cost effective integration and management solutions that provide better data access, resulting in better decisions and reduced operational costs and risk. We believe oil & gas companies should spend less time looking for data and more time finding oil and gas.

petroWEB focuses on providing companies solutions to fundamental data management issues. Integration of all data sources facilitates time efficiency in data discovery and access. Automation of data loading helps manage data overload with large existing data sets as well as large amounts of data acquired daily. Applied business rules address data quality issues to remove the uncertainty in the reliability of the data.

Our commitment is in providing solutions for companies to help manage data better so they can make better informed decisions.


"Today, we are using petroWeb’s EDB on a daily basis. EDB has increased our efficiency, by providing data to our peers in record times. Tasks that used to take us 2-3 hours, can now be accomplished in a matter of 10-15 minutes. Our petrophysical database is accessible to the entire company, as well."

- Manager of Petrophysics

"What we were able to accomplish as a result of the capabilities within the petroWEB solution and my small yet experienced staff was remarkable! petroWEB competes and wins against any solution built by their peers…"

- IT Administration Manager

“With a couple of clicks we now access what used to take hours or even days to gather and organize from multiple systems.”

- VP GeoScience